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Different Enlargement Options Currently Available

Traction Devices

Penis Traction Devices?

Penis traction is a safe and painless technique that results in permanent penis growth. In general men using the Male Edge or JES devices have shown increases in the length of their penis by as much as 5cm or 8cm ( read more about penis enlargement results.)

Traction works by applying a steady constant stretch to the shaft of the penis. This causes the tissue cells to divide and multiply - a well-known process called CYTOKINESIS. This process will result in new tissue growth throughout the penis, making your penis visibly longer and thicker in a just matter of weeks or months.

While the internet is full of websites promoting other penis enlargement options like pills, surgery, pumps, etc. It seems that only traction-based penis enlargers such as the MensEdge range actually work and can offer guaranteed results.

Using a Traction Device Puts You in Control

MensEdge traction devices allow you to decide how much traction you apply to your penis; you also decide how many minutes/hours you want to wear the penis enlarger for.

The more you wear your penis enlarger, the bigger your penis will grow and the quicker you will see results. As soon as you're happy with your new length / girth, you can simply stop using it and keep the results forever.

Basically you set your own goals for penis enlargement and the MensEdge extenders will help you to achieve them.

A Tried and Tested Approach

Traction is nothing new. For years, doctors and surgeons have used the same technique to lengthen limbs and digits. The process is also used by a number of tribal cultures to elongate lips, necks, earlobes and noses (among other things).

The great thing about traction is that it harnesses your body's natural growth potential. In other words, it doesn't ask your body to do anything it hasn't done a million times before. At MensEdge, we have taken this tried and tested approach and are offering truly groundbreaking penis traction devices that you can use to make your penis bigger in the comfort of your own home or at the office.


  • No known dangers ever reported

Penis Pills


There has been a massive boom in companies offering 'magic' penis pills that supposedly can increase the size of your penis, the truth is that unless you combine the pills with a penis enlargement exercise program the most you are ever likely to achieve is a slightly harder erection. There is currently no medicine / pill on the world market that can permanently increase the size of your penis.


  • Beware of contaminated pills
  • Pills can interfere with other medication that you might be on
  • Incorrect dosages can sometimes be a problem
  • Various allergies to ingredients have been reported.

Penis Pumps

Penis Enlargement Pumps

The idea behind the vacuum pump seems quite logical, you create a vacuum around the penis which forces blood into the cells and this temporarily gives you a larger penis. Even though penis pumps are a cheaper method, over a long period of time you may only notice an increase of less than an inch.


  • Impotence
  • Deformation
  • Burst Blood Vessels
  • Bruising
  • Poor circulation
  • Blisters

Penis Surgery

Penis Surgery

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, penis surgery is extremely expensive and very dangerous. Costing around R10, 000.00 - R35, 000.00. surgery is a high risk, high cost method and surgeons do not usually even offer a guarantee on results, thus showing their lack of confidence in what they are doing.


  • Impotence
  • Deformation
  • Intense Pain
  • Reduced Penis Size
  • Scarring
  • Loss of Sex Drive
  • Nerve Damage

Penis Jelquing

Jelqing (Hand Exercise Technique)

The theory behind jelqing is that it exercises muscles and tissue in the penis and ultimately increases penis size. According to advocates, the jelqing technique works by drawing blood through the penis towards the glans, which increases vascularity in the corpus cavernosa.

At present, there is very little hard scientific evidence to back up this claim but the technique remains popular. Online, there are literally thousands of websites devoted to jelqing often offering conflicting explanations of how it works. In some cases, jelqing is promoted as a technique to maximise the potential of using a scientifically proven traction-based penis enlarger.

Jelqing is very time consuming and does not allow you to go about your normal business as when wearing a penis traction device.


  • No known dangers

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