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Q. Can the Jes-Extender be worn at work and while you sleep?

A. If you have a non-physical job, the Male Edge or JES can be worn under boxer shorts and loose fitting trousers or Jeans - helping you to achieve a bigger penis all day long. It may prove difficult to keep on during sleep if you twist and turn a lot. The only way to determine this is by trying.

Q. Can the treatment go on for as long as I want, and will I keep getting results?

A. Our penis enlargement devices will continue to make your penis bigger as long as the treatment continues.

Q. Do I have to follow a fixed treatment pattern?

A. You can wear the Jes-Extender or Male Edge as you please. The result depends only, on the total amount of hours worn, and the amount of traction involved.

Q. Does the effect recede over time?

A. No! The enlargement of the penis is permanent.

Q. Does the Jes-Extender and Male Edge help in case of a curved penis?

A. Yes! The Jes-Extender and Male Edge have both proved efficient in straightening the penis.

Q. Does the Jes-Extender or Male Edge require a certain length or thickness of the penis to be used?

A. No! The Jes-Extender and Male Edge devices are developed for penises of all proportions.

Q. Can the device be used if I am circumcised?

A. Yes.

Q. Does the use of the Jes-Extender or Male Edge require medical experience or the help of a Doctor?

A. No! The Jes-Extender comes with an easy to understand instruction's manual.

Q. What happens in the case of erection while the Jes-Extender or Male Edge is worn?

A. The Jes-Extender or Male Edge either adjusts to the given erection angle or simply glides off smoothly to be applied again.

Q. What happens After I order?

A. The MALE EDGE BASIC, EXTRA & PRO as well as the JES Original & JES Titanium, are generally kept in stock aand shipped withing 24 - 48 hours by overnight shipping (please note that goods shipped on a Friday will only arrive on the Monday) The other models in our range are normally shipped within 7 – 21 days. Your Devices is shipped in an unmarked plain box, which is then placed in a Speed Services (sealed) / Fastway Couriers / FedEx bag with only your address information outside. Only you will know what's inside. After you have received your device, you will at any time be able to contact our support department ( who will be at your service with assistance to answer any question you might have.

Q. Why should I choose the Jes-Extender?

A. The Jes-Extender is the first and the original penis enlargement traction device. Over the last 15 years it is sold to more than 250,000 satisfied customers worldwide. It is still the best selling penis enlargement device available today. Last but not least: We and our users know it works. That's why the manufacturers give you a double refund guarantee if you haven't increased your penis size.

Q. Will the enlargement mean 'weaker' erections?

A. No, in fact some users feel their erections get stronger due to the increased cell activity and blood flow from the treatment.

Q. Will the girth decrease, stay the same or increase?

A. Due to the general tissue expansion the girth increases as well as the length. The average increase in length is 28%, and for girth 19% increase.

Q. How long is the longest penis in the world?

A. A sexual organ museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, exhibits a sexual organ with a length of 28.5 cm's. This penis was the high point in the museum. A great deal of the visitors thronged to see this. Some people are of the belief that to see such a 'large, strong’ sexual organ, will bring them luck in the sexual department.

Q. What is a small penis?

A. The average adult male penis is 7-10 cm in length when slack and 14-16 cm in length when erect, small penis means that it is much smaller than this average.

Q. I am over 65 years old, will an extender device work for me?

A. We have clients 75 years old who are successfully using the devices and are achieving excellent results.

Q. How old do I have to be to start using a penis extender?

A. It is recommended that men only use the device after the age of 20yrs and up (this is the age that our penis has stopped growing).

Q. What is the maximum achievable length that one can expect from using a mensedge traction device?

A. This all depends on how many hours / days the device is worn ( read more about penis enlargement results.)

Q. Do I need to use pills or any other devices in conjunction with the mensedge traction device?

A. No, you only need to use either one of the devices supplied from mensedge (Male Edge or JES) to get effective results that will stay with you forever.

Q. Are penis traction device always safe to use?

A. Avoid using the traction device under the following circumstance:

1 - Do not use the device if you are drunk.

2 - It shouldn’t be used when taking painkillers and diazepam (Valium).

3 - Do not use it if the penis has pain, numbness or contusions.

4 - Do not use if the penis has wounds, ulcer or infection.

Q. How do I order?

A. Click HERE to view the catalogue and be sure to check out the different models available.

Q. How many hours a day can the penis traction device be worn?

A. Initial use requires that you follow the break in program which is supplied with your enlarger; this will allow your penis to get used to the device before adding to much tension, after that, some people wear their device anytime between 1 – 10 hours.



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